The home of the Providence Downtown Improvement District

Clean + Safe


CLEAN: The DID Clean Team is on litter patrol every day! You’ll find team members wearing bright yellow uniforms, sweeping the sidewalks and collecting trash throughout the downtown district. They collect an average of nearly 50,000 lbs, of trash each month! Clean Team members also powerwash sidewalks, remove stickers from street poles, and do touch-up painting of street furniture. In the summer months they do graffiti removal, and in the winter they shovel snow from sidewalk curb cuts. Keeping downtown clean and attractive is a top priority.

SAFE: DID safety guides work closely with the Providence Police Department and other members of the community to keep downtown safe and welcoming. Every day, they patrol the district on foot, on bike, and on segway, providing extra eyes and ears on the street. This year, our friendly guides are taking on a greater ambassadorial role with the use of new technology.

LANDSCAPING: Since 2007, the DID has managed the seasonal downtown planting program, to great acclaim. Starting with 94 hanging baskets and a few planting areas, the program has expanded to now include 292 hanging baskets, 90 large-scale sidewalk planters, and 8 ground-level planting areas. The gorgeous flowers add a pop of color downtown, and as visitors frequently comment, the city has never looked better!

STREETSCAPE IMPROVEMENTS: The small things really do make a difference! The DID recognizes how important it is to have functioning street lights, adequate bike racks, consistent street signs, easy-to-find trash receptacles and safe sidewalks. We constantly strive to maintain an environment that feels safe, welcoming and attractive.

Our work starts with inventorying and mapping existing street furniture. We communicate with key city departments about problem areas, and we help the city address them. Examples include:

  • DID funding for special downtown trash receptacles, designed and produced by the Steel Yard.
  • DID funding and placement of bike racks.
  • Advocacy for major sidewalk repairs.
  • Funding and advocacy for new downtown street signs.



Downtown ProvidenceECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The DID is responding to the community’s biggest need, the creation of additional jobs, by promoting the location and expansion of businesses downtown.