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WaterFire 2017 schedule announced

Photo: Jennifer Bedford

WaterFire inspires Providence and its visitors by revitalizing the urban experience, fostering community engagement and creatively transforming the city. Full installations light more than 80 braziers from Waterplace Park to South Main Street, while basin lights feature 22 braziers in the Waterplace Park basin and in the river leading to Providence Place. Lightings begin shortly after sunset and continue until 12:30 AM. Download a printable schedule, and mark your calendars for the 2017 season!

  • Friday, May 19th: sunset 8:03 PM
  • Saturday, May 27th: sunset 8:10 PM
  • Saturday, June 10th: sunset 8:20 PM
  • Thursday, July 20th: (BASIN FIRE) sunset 7:41 PM
  • Saturday, June 24th: sunset 8:25 PM
  • Saturday, July 8th: sunset 8:22 PM
  • Saturday, July 22nd: sunset 8:14 PM
  • Saturday, August 5th: sunset 7:59 PM
  • Saturday, September 23rd: sunset 6:41 PM
  • Saturday, September 30th: sunset 6:29 PM
  • Saturday, November 4th: sunset 5:36 PM