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Construction Begins on the I-195 Pedestrian Bridge

wp_20161013_008revPublic officials gathered on the west side of the Providence River yesterday to announce the start of work on the custom-designed pedestrian bridge, which will connect Downtown and Fox Point. According to RIDOT Director Peter Alviti, prep work is underway in order to get ready for construction in the spring. He expects the work to cover two construction seasons, with architectural features and finishing touches completed in 2018.

I-195 Commission Director Peter McNally said that the bridge must be completed before new parks are developed on both sides of the river. He emphasized the importance of these amenities to attract new businesses and residents to the area. Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor added that several substantial residential and commercial developments are lined up to help to create a vibrant 24/7 district, including Wexford Science & Technology’s project and the mixed-use development by Royal Oaks Realty Ventures. Pryor believes that the Jewelry District is coming from a great starting point, but it has a grander future ahead.

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