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Design the Night at RISD

dtn-71815-calendarFrom 4-8 PM on Saturday, July 18th, RISD is hosting Design the Night! This free event incorporates elemental themes of fire, water, air and earth. Engage with art and nature through performances, music, conversations, refreshments, and plenty of surprises!


Hands-on Art: Raw Forms
4–7:30 pm, Grand Gallery, fl. 5
Play with paper, geometry, design, and your friends in this artist-led project that challenges the collaborative process.

Music and Visuals
4–7:30 pm, Porcelain Gallery, fl. 4
Reimagine baroque music in the far future as artist Blevin Blectum (a.k.a. Bevin Kelley) presents arms in the sky roll dice to determine the hard translucent future, a live electronic performance.

Hands-on Art: Transforest
4–7:30 pm, Danforth Hall, fl. 3
Join artist Ricky Katowicz in building an imaginary landscape with simple materials.

In Your Element
4–7:30 pm, Chace Lobby (located at 20 Main Street entrance)
What’s your true nature: fiery, grounded, fluid, rational? Take a short quiz designed to divine your primary personality trait, then embark on a gallery quest for artworks that engage your elemental inclinations.

Artist’s Lab: Earth Archive
5–7:30 pm, Radeke Garden (located off fl. 3)
Share your memories and experiences to animate the elements of this installation by artist Danielle Vogel.

Music and Refreshments
4:30–7:30 pm, Chace Plaza (20 North Main Street)
Enjoy Boo City’s soul, rock, and R&B tunes. Kick back with a drink from our cash bar. Purchase snacks from Fancheezical—Rhode Island’s original grilled cheese food truck, or cool down with tasty treats from Tricycle Ice Cream and Like No Udder.

After Design the Night, check out WaterFire! Sunset is at 8:18 PM, and the lighting will start at 8:28.