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DC206 plans to open in the Mercantile Block

Floor Plan Digital CityOn Monday night, Digital City hosted an open house at its new co-working space for creative freelancers, artists and small businesses. For many years, while working in his Providence Pictures studio, based in the old Providence Journal building, local filmmaker Gary Glassman sensed that Rhode Island had a larger community of digital media makers. To support collaboration and create a motion picture hub, he applied for funding through Rhode Island Foundation’s Make It Happen initiative. His strategy has 3 parts: developing a digital media membership organization, offering digital media education programs, and providing a digital design and production space.

The DC206 space will officially launch in February as an experimental test bed, hoping to catalyze the digital media community in Providence. Ultimately, the goal is to support a larger space, complete with post-production facilities.

Members will have 24-7 access to the space in AS220’s Mercantile Block, with 3 affordable part-time, full-time and core options. Part-time membership, priced at $75/month, offers access to a non-dedicated work space for up to 20 hours a week. Full-time members pay $150/month with a 6 month agreement. They have access to non-dedicated workspace and storage, but can work unlimited hours. Core members pay $250/month with a 6 month agreement for dedicated work spaces and storage, with a 6 month agreement. Membership to AS220 Industries is included in both the full-time and core options.

To apply for a co-working space or find information about events and programs, visit