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Downcity Holiday Bingo

Bingo is back, thanks to Providence Monthly and In Downcity. Holiday shopping doesn’t get better than this! Simply visit one of the participating venues to pick up a card, or tear the page out of the December issue. Each time you spend money at one of the downtown businesses listed on the card, ask to have your square stamped. When you complete a row of 5, submit your contact info, and enter to win one of 2 prizes (totaling $1000 and $300). With that in mind, you’ll be able to shop guilt-free.

Who’s participating? 

For starters, you can eat your way through downtown at Aspire, Bravo Brasserie, Cuban Revolution, Flan y Ajo, Gracie’s, The Salon, Small Point Cafe, Sura, tazza caffe, TINI and Viva Mexico.

You’ll also find bingo cards at clover, Craftland, ENO, Gourmet Heaven, Homestyle, Modern Love, One Way Gallery, Queen of Hearts, Symposium Books, Wharf, and Zop Soap. The Hotel Providence and the Spa at the Biltmore are participating too–so don’t forget to get stamped!

Holiday bingo starts on Black Friday (November 25th), and ends on New Years Eve. Prize winners will be announced in January. Happy spending!