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Flowers are starting to bloom around the neighborhood!

WP_20160613_009BWatch the Providence Downtown Improvement District (DID) in action, maintaining flowers and plantings throughout the summer! Over the past few weeks, our Clean Team members have installed 278 hanging flower baskets on decorative light posts and planted flowers in 70 planter boxes and 11 ground gardens, bringing color and vitality to the neighborhood.

The flowers will remain in place through the fall. The DID team waters them 6 days a week using pressure washers adjusted to lighter settings and gentle extended wands attached to large water tanks on open-backed trucks.

DID Operations Manager Frank Zammarelli now has several years of experience selecting plants, taking issues of light, shade, and traffic visibility into consideration. His team members have become planting experts, and he has said that “they are well-trained, take pride in their jobs, put in a great deal of effort, and enjoy what they do.” Thank you to Frank and the team for keeping downtown beautiful during the warmer months!