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Kennedy Plaza safety initiative announced

WP_20160418_010Mayor Jorge Elorza held a press conference on Monday, April 18th to describe recent efforts to make Kennedy Plaza and downtown Providence safer and more welcoming. Within the past two and a half weeks, fifteen people were arrested who posed a threat to safety and/or were individually linked to the sale of drugs. In his remarks, the mayor acknowledged the surge in overdoses around the state, and said that we must remove illegal substances from the streets and arrest those who profit from others’ addictions. Both uniformed and undercover members of the Providence Police Department will have a greater presence and will continue to monitor the situation downtown.

Police Commissioner Steven Pare (pictured above) warned that anyone who comes to the plaza to deal drugs can expect to be arrested. In order to make Kennedy Plaza and the surrounding parks safe and vibrant places to work, play and visit, crimes will not be tolerated.

Read more about the undercover operation on the city’s website.