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Healthy, Sustainable Business Workshop: Wednesday, May 6th

Logo_w_TaglineLearn about the elements of a healthy, sustainable business!

This free, two-part presentation on Wednesday, May 6th covers key elements that go into creating and sustaining a healthy, growing business. It runs from 9:30-11:30 AM at the Commerce Center, 30 Exchange Terrace.
PART 1 with Deb Goeschel: “Attract Your Perfect Client: Why Great Messaging Matters”• Do you feel like you’re working really hard and not realizing good results?
• Have you wasted money and time on marketing that doesn’t deliver?
• Does it seem like your ideal clients are nowhere to be found, but you spend lots of time talking to the wrong people?Unclear messaging may be the problem—it leads to ineffective marketing which is a *waste of time and money*. Brand and marketing messaging is delivering the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT AUDIENCE in the RIGHT WAY.

In this presentation, learn:
• The key elements that make up messaging
• Why great messaging matters
• How it can save you time and money
• How to get on target with your messaging so your marketing starts to deliver
PART 2 with Sheila McCarthy: “Successfully Move Business Forward: Why Money Strategy Matters”• Do you know what you want to financially accomplish in your business?
• Do you know what could get in the way?
• Do you understand the key elements to creating a strong financial foundation for your business?There are many factors that go into business success, but often the most obvious—a strong financial foundation—is overlooked, or rather, certain elements are overlooked leaving you and your business vulnerable.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:
• Uncommon approaches to financial balance that create efficiencies that put more money on your balance sheet.
• Opportunities to save money with tax savvy approaches and properly structured debt
• How to maximize cash flow
• How to create a game plan for you and your business that is protected in case the unexpected happens

Find more info on Facebook, and please RSVP in advance.