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Up-Level Your Business Inside & Out!

UplevelWorkshopGraphic_ProvidenceFoundationLearn how to take your business out of starving start-up mode and into thriving growth! Register online for this FREE business workshop on Tuesday, October 14th from 9-11 AM in the auditorium at the Commerce Center, 30 Exchange Terrace.

Stand Out, Don’t Miss Out!

Deb Goeschel, owner of Wellness Scribe, will share with you how to ensure your clients/customers know who you are, what you offer, and why they should work with you. You’ll learn:

  • Questions to be asked before building—or revising—a marketing strategy
  • Key elements of developing a unique brand
  • How to increase marketing impact by determining what marketing materials are needed
  • The importance of prioritization, planning, and delegation when creating your marketing strategy

Systems: The Vital, Stress-Relieving Secret to a Successful and Sustainable Business

Marina Darlow, owner of Vision Framework, will share how effective systems save you time and money. You’ll learn:

  • What exactly is or is not a business system? (Hint—it’s not just IT!)
  • The tangible benefits and the hidden perks of effective business systems
  • Not all systems are created equal: What makes a system a good system?
  • The importance of creating custom systems for YOUR business

This workshop is sponsored by The Providence Foundation and The Providence Downtown Improvement District.