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Support Rhode Islanders for a Resilient Economy

rhode islanders for a resilient riOn Tuesday, June 3rd at 4 PM, meet at the steps of the State House for a press conference to show support for strong climate change legislation in Rhode Island! Join business leaders from around the state to explain why we need bold legislation to prepare for climate change. More than 50 businesses—including Cornish Associates, People’s Power and Light, and Kite Architects—have already expressed their support. It’s time to let representatives know how important this issue is for the environment and the economy!

According to a fact sheet on climate change and small businesses, “The Resilient Rhode Island Act aims to reduce the vulnerability of Rhode Island citizens and communities to damage, injury, and loss of life as a result of sea level rise, increased flooding, worsened heat waves and droughts, and other climate risks. By developing disaster management plans, retrofits, and new construction requirements, small businesses in the state can be better prepared for future impacts of climate change.”

Read Abel Collins’ Providence Journal editorial, and learn more on Resilient RI’s website and Facebook page.