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Read the Downtown Improvement District’s Annual Report

clean safe imageLearn about the DID’s work, both on the street and behind the scenes! The 2013 annual report highlights a variety of projects that support the organization’s mission “to continuously enhance the quality of life in downtown Providence,” including the landscaping program, the DID’s leadership role in the Hospitality Resource Partnership, and clean & safe initiatives. Download the report to see what capital improvements are planned for 2014, from sidewalk and road repairs to the downtown circulator project.

Many partners are recognized for their contributions to downtown’s renewed vibrancy. Read about the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy’s focus on Kennedy Plaza, beginning with a major launch event last April. Also, see which new businesses opened and which developments were completed, including the Johnson & Wales University Garage, the Providence G building, the Arcade, and renovations to the Providence Public Library.

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(Report design: Sarah Rainwater Design)