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Complete a RIPTA Travel Survey!

RIPTA recently initiated a statewide evaluation of its services. Through the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (or COA), the agency will identify the strengths and weaknesses of its bus system and determine where to redirect resources. The staff is looking for public input in two key ways in order to better serve customers and attract more riders:

  • Online Travel Survey:  To understand local travel needs (i.e. where people need to go, and what type of services they’re looking for), RIPTA has been surveying passengers on the buses. But they’d also like to hear from potential riders who aren’t currently using RIPTA services. Please read about the project and complete this brief survey, available until October 12th.
  • Comments on Specific RIPTA services: RIPTA is also assessing  each of its 58 bus routes and 8 Flex routes. RIPTA riders should review potential changes that have been suggested for each route, and share ideas of their own. Routes are being posted as they are ready, so if you don’t see your route, know that it will be available in the next few weeks. You can also make general comments about RIPTA programs and services.

With your help, RIPTA can better design the statewide transit network!