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Pilot Pay-By-Phone Parking on Westminster

In order to make short-term parking even more convenient for visitors, the city just announced a new pilot program on Westminster Street that allows people to pay by phone for metered spaces. For now, the system is offered at 35 meters with silver domes, and if the program is successful, the city plans to expand to other areas.

To start paying by phone, simply register for free at Once your account has been activated, you can start paying through a mobile app, the website, or by calling 1-877-727-5717. To complete your payment, you’ll be required to enter a 3-digit zone number and 2 or 3-digit space number, which can be found on a green sticker placed on the meter. You should receive confirmation within a few seconds.

Please note: each time you pay by phone, you’ll be charged a 35 cent transaction fee. You can also continue to pay for these meters with quarters or credit cards, but be aware that credit cards charge for the full time allotted, which is 2 hours.

For more details about the pilot program, visit the city’s website and check for information about other alternatives.